About Me

I believe that all women are mothers, even if they are not blessed to have given birth. That said, I have four wonderful children, three in-laws and two granddaughters. They are now claim to be grown-up now, at least in years and I have an empty nest. My children are; Mike married to Christina, Grace married to Adam and they have a daughter Ava Lily, Emily, who has a daughter, Amelia Grace Rose and Bethany whose partner is Paul – and they have a snake, which I think is cool.

As for me, I am Beverley Anne, a name I am told I was given by my father. I am 53-years-old and I have an empty nest, full of cats – I have two cats; 10 months old black and white, George AKA Mr Mistoffelees and 9-year-old grey and white, Peppa, AKA Jenny-any-dots. I love reading, writing, God, knitting, nature, meditation and talking – lots. I use to be a registered nurse, but became disabled 5-years-ago after a fall down my house stairs. I now have a chronic pain and fatigue conditions, which I will not dwell on.

I believe in angels, and fairies and that we are all connected through the universal energy that surrounds us all, even if we cannot see it.

I am writing this after reading several book titles on the same theme, that of ‘if only I had more time and I wasn’t dying of …I would tell you more…’ As far as I know I am not planning on dying anytime soon, but NOW is as good a time as any to tell them all what I want them to know – and yes, you too! I have always had an open house policy when I comes to mothering and I remember a time when I was called ‘Mum’ by many a child that I had not given birth too

It is my intention to share with my children all those things that they think they already know, but at least some of them, some of the time, do not. The plan is to make it light-hearted and fun with a little bit of seriousness on the side, or maybe that is supposed to be lots of serious stuff and a little bit of frivolity on the side? It is okay, you can pick, as I am sure they will too.