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notebookThere was a time when personal Journals would have been written and then passed down from parent to child. But with parents living longer, our Journals are more likely to be passed from grandparent to grandchild.

I have kept a Journal since my youth, but sadly the words i wrote back then were destroyed when we had a water leak in the house. However, even to this day i continue write an (almost) daily Journal, and I do wonder what my descendants will think of my scribbles. Will they see them as a precious gift I have left for them or will they see them has the meanderings of a mad woman? Who can tell and I certainly will not know as I do not intend to give them over to anyone before i am gone.

From ancient times, man has kept records. In some cases, these records have become known has scripture, holy words from God to man and how man lived their daily lives. Unfortunately, today Journal keeping has become a thing of the past for most people, which is sad. Yet, if you were to go to any book shop today, you would find books written by those who are approaching death, left for those who will come after them. These may not be seen by nations as holy scripture, but when it is all that is left, it becomes sacred writing for the family of the deceased. I never want to have to write a book like that, I want my children to know of my heartaches and sorrows, my trials and strife and my joys and happiness and love.

But why wait? Here are a few reasons why people do not keep a sacred personal record of their own lives –

  • lack of time
  • my life is boring
  • I don’t know what to write about
  • i have nothing to write in/on

I am sure there are others.

I write in the evenings. When my children were small, I often missed several days and sometimes several weeks, but the important things are still in there. Now, there is only me at home and George the cat, therefore if i do not take the time to write, i can no longer blame it on anyone else. Get into the habit of writing every day.

What to write about –

  • I write about my every day things
  • my dealings with my fellowman,
  • my dealings with God, significant prayers and pleadings from my heart
  • my family
  • my friends
  • things that inspire me
  • things of significance that are happening in the world
  • i rarely add photographs, but you could if you wanted to
  • at the beginning and ending of every Journal, I write out my testimony of Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost

When it comes to choosing what to write in/on, choose carefully. I write in a A5 hardback note book. I replace it when it becomes full – sometimes that’s yearly and sometimes it’s less than a year. Choose a note book that you fall in love with, one that you want to pick up and write in every day, one that inspires you. Avoid any note book, that is flimsy or where the pages are likely to come lose. Date each entry – for me each daily entry takes up a page, i keep it to a page so that it keeps me motivated enough to write every day. Act as if it is sacred; look after it and keep it personal, knowing that one day your grandchildren will read it and find out who you really were. I see my daily habit as a labour of love for those that come after me, what they choose to do with them, well, that is up to them.