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tumblr_nkahesFU3L1u9pcmwo3_1280Recently, at church, in the adult Sunday school class, we were discussing how God gives us or shows us things, one piece at a time, like a jigsaw puzzle. Although, I somewhat agree with this, the God I know, tends to show me the whole picture on the top of the box first and then, He flips the box over and the pieces fall out. Some stay in the box, some land on the table, some on the chair and some even make it as far as the floor, either way, they end up everywhere. Although, at times, He lends a hand, more often than not, I am left searching for that one elusive piece on my own and when I finally find it, it often ends up not looking like i expected it to. And, often comes with and ah-ah moment. For instance, in a sky of blue, there is a tiny speck of orange in one corner, but that speck is the most important speck there is, as it belongs to the giant hot-air-balloon in the middle of the picture.

God, does this to me all the time. He rarely sends me the pieces first. It should, make life easier, but He knows me and He knows my weaknesses and right now they happen to be ‘patience’ and ‘faith.’ Sometimes, it is a case of taking a deep breath, offering up a sincere plea for help and using all that we are and all that He wants us to be, to continue the search for the correct piece of the puzzle. And of course, the one thing we need to remember is that when we have completed the puzzle in front of us, there is always another waiting to be started.