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More than a year ago God asked me to wrap my right arm around the tree of life – the Saviour, Jesus Christ and my other arm (metaphorically) around a dear heart friend of mine that was struggling, silently struggling and although God had shared an few things with me, I knew and know there is more than i could ever know, without being told.

I have watched my friend struggle and fall and fail and give up and let and fall and fall and fall and no matter how hard i tried to keep hold of them, I could not hold them up, but i have never let go. Even to this day I am kneeling at my friends side, I haven’t spoken to them for weeks or months. The words between us have stopped. But, today, i write this so that they will know that I am still doing what God as asked me to do.

I daily plead with God for a miracle – a tiny spark of a light in a very long dark tunnel and occasionally there is a flicker, but then it is gone, it is gone and it does not return. Christ calls us to come unto him, to allow him to carry our burdens. He promises us complete forgiveness through the Atonement – all things will be made right.

I have carrying this burden alone, but not alone, but with God and with my Saviour’s love. Then yesterday i shared these thoughts with another friend and i was seeing myself as failing and they couldn’t believe incredible calling that God had called me to do. I felt lifted by their words because all i can see is failure all around me.

I asked God for a miracle – a blessing – but it wasn’t for me.