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god made my life completeAt the end of every year i pray for a word for the following year. A word that will direct my prayers, my study, my meditation and my life.

The word for 2017, is ‘Surrender.’ As i began to pray and meditate for direction the word came to me early and strongly and i without doubt that i was mistaken by what the Spirit said to me – that my word would be ‘Surrender.’ Within a few weeks of 2017, another word was added to Surrender and that word was Receive. It arrived naturally one day as i was repeating my daily mantra as I sat in my morning meditation. As I said allowed the word Surrender with each out breath, i found myself repeating the word Receive with each in breath.

God, was telling me something – something big and that something was, that if i was willing to surrender to his will then he was bless my life is ways that were so big that not only i would know it and see it, but also others would know it and see it too. As God done this? I do not believe that He has, yet, but i also know that before the end of the year He will fulfil his promises to me.

However, He has not left me empty or alone, these are great blessing on their own and i praise God from a grateful heart in humble prayer. Although, I have chronic health conditions, i have also been ill this year and have struggled to function daily, hence why i haven’t been writing or posting for several weeks – it was not my intention to not write. Yet, i have found myself in a deep well of thought, and although i have turned to God daily in prayer and i have feasted upon the words of Christ in the scriptures and although i have at time felt peace, that peace has been fleeting and as left me hungry, no starving for more.

I believe in personal revelation. What is that, I hear you ask? Personal revelation is when the God speaks to a person, through the Holy Ghost and when i say speaks, he may not use words, but thoughts or feelings or even the words of the scriptures or others, including strangers i have met on park benches, but the one thing i have known for certain, is that God spoke and i heard him in my mind and in my heart. He has sent me many gifts, quiet words, sleep, strength, and my favourite ‘peace in the waiting.’ For i do feel as if i am waiting and in the waiting, there is a stillness comes the words of God ‘Be still and know that i am God’ and through me all things are possible.

Surrendering is hard, it is really hard. There have been times when the last thing i have wanted to do was surrender, i wanted action, i demanded action from God. I asked God for a miracle, nothing big, not world peace – he said we should be able to take care of that – or the end of world hunger – again he says we have the ability to sort out too – but a little miracle for me, his daughter asking her Papa for a favour and i gave him a year to create that miracle, help me create that miracle, or to explain himself as to why not??? There are 81 days left and for some reason, after all this time, it seems i need to share this with the world, but like the pieces of the puzzle i spoke about yesterday, this is yet another piece of that same puzzle.

I know my Heavenly Father lives and that he loves me, his daughter. I know that Jesus Christ is, His Son, my Saviour, my Redeemer and my brother and friend. I know that the Holy Ghost can only bear witness of the truth and will do when called upon by anyone and everyone who wants to know – the truth. I know, we have the ability to change the world, and all we need to do is believe that we can.

“…If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.”

(Matthew 17:20)