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tumblr_nkahesFU3L1u9pcmwo3_1280Life is like a jigsaw puzzle!? Well, to me it seems to be that way. There as been times in my life when God has shown me the whole picture, but i couldn’t see how it fit into my life. Over the last, forever how many years, for i have lost count God showed me a picture of today, of my life as it would be today if i continued on the path i was on. If i remember rightly, and we are told in scripture that God will bring all things to our remembrance when it is needed, it was a beautiful picture of a beautiful life.

Over the intervening years He has continued to show me pieces of that picture, not unlike pieces of a puzzle, and then i dutifully either fitted them in where they belonged or i would set them aside until such a time, has i knew where they were supposed to go. There have been times when that pile of unknowns has gotten rather large and one by one over the years i have picked them up again and carefully examining them have asked God through prayer where they are supposed to fit. Sometimes He has shown me, sometimes He has said ‘not yet’ you need another piece first and sometimes He has left wondering – the answer being ‘in time you will know all things.’

Not all the pieces have been pretty, some i could have done without completely, but without them all i would not be the person who i am today. I do not know why God shows me these pictures, maybe to give me hope when life isn’t what i think it should be. Yet, there have been times when i have demanded to know right now, where all those jumbled pieces should go – in time – in God’s time – in time i have come to understand that i will know all things and understand them all too. In time the jigsaw puzzle will build itself.

Yet, i do not see myself as the type of person who will ever say, ‘that’s enough, i know it all now’ i think i am more likely to be the one asking, ‘yes, God, but what’s next?’