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downloadJesus Christ born in a stable, far away from home. His father a carpenter and his mother a lowly maiden, not even to his father when he was conceived through the Spirit. His life was threatened from the very beginning and both he and his family had to flee to a foreign land to find safety. At the age of 12 years he taught in the synagogue and wise men listened to him. Not much else is known about his life until he is 30 years old, when he is sent to the desert too fast and pray and to be tempted by the devil for 40 days and 40 nights. He chose working men, some of them would have been called sinners, as his disciples, taught them his Father’s words and then ordained them to be Apostles. He sat with sinners, he healed the sick, he raised the dead and taught all men to Come unto Him and be saved through Him. He fed thousands with loaves and fishes. He was hunted and betrayed by one he had called friend. He knelt in prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane and beg our Heavenly Father to take the cup from him, but only if it was the will of the Father. He was arrested, tried, beaten, spit upon, scourged, denied by his friends and sentenced to death, although the judge could find no cause for such a thing. He carried his own cross, with only one stranger to help. He was nailed to a wooden cross among thieves and yet in his agony he gave forgiveness to one of them. He asked his beloved friend, John to take care of his mother. He was branded the king of the Jews. He was killed by a spear through his side. Taken from the cross, he had no tomb of his own and so was laid in the tomb of a goodly man. On the third day women came to wash his body, but when they arrived he could not be found. Many of them fled, but he spoke unto Mary and asked her not to touch him because he had not ascended unto his Father, but instructed her to go tell his Apostles that he lived. He appeared to his Apostles while they were eating and joined them in a meal. He spoke unto them words we no longer know, or maybe we have never known and then he went to feed his sheep who were not of that fold. He saved people from Spirit prison. Then he ascended to his Father, to sit on his right hand forever more. And he did all this for ME! And for YOU! And his message today is the same as it as always been, Come Follow Me.