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a-word-of-wisdom“Every herb in the season thereof, and every fruit in the season thereof; all these to be used with prudence and thanksgiving.” (Doctrine and Covenants 89:11)

My friend, Sue, over at Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary has an allotment and there are times when i could be a little bit jealous of that fact. I have never had an allotment, but i have grown vegetables in the gardens i have had over the years, but not of late. Of late, there has been no home grown or made anything – maybe i should make jam? Just a thought!

When i was a child my father, use to grow a vegetable patch in the garden. Where he found the time or the energy to do such a thing, i have no idea, and as there were 7 of us living at home there was noway he managed to grow enough to feed us all for very long and yet, he would go out there after work and at weekends and work the earth. I remember him removing tomato seeds from the fruit and drying them out and then carefully storing them so he could grow the same tomato plants the following year. I also remember go out and pulling up fresh, crisp lettuces and cutting the roots off onto the compost pile and then taking it in doors, gently pulling it a part and washing it, but the best part was always the eating of it. I can still taste it and yet it as been many years since my dad did that kind of gardening. In a way, i guess, it was his passion and it showed.

I remember one year having seen our crops begin to come up, part of the garden was on a slope and we had made use of the slop to grow root vegetables, including potatoes in rows, that we experienced a thunder storm with torrential rain. The following morning we found that all our hard work had been washed to the bottom of the garden and we figured that was it, but a few weeks later we noticed green shoots appearing through the dirt at the bottom. We may not have gotten the best looking vegetables that year, but we still managed to salvage something.

I also remember that every year in the autumn term at school there would a Harvest festival, where the children would bring in fruit and vegetables, many of which had been home-grown and we would first celebrate the richness of God’s blessing and then the food would be distributed to those who needed it. I am not sure if this still happens? But if it does, the last i heard the children were asked to bring in tins of food, which could then be given out. Yes, that maybe easier, but it’s not quite the same. And unfortunately most children have no idea where food comes from, except from the local supermarket, which is a little sad.

Doctrine & Covenants 89, which is known in the church as the Word of Wisdom, was first presented to the Church in 1833 and i am certain that back then the then leaders of the Church had no idea of what was or was not to come in the future, but the Lord knew. The Word of Wisdom encourages us to eat in the seasons, which is very difficult to do these days, as most vegetables and fruits are available all year round, and to do so with prudence and thanks giving. I do not remember prayers being said at home when i was a child, i do remember them being said in school and when my children were small we also said grace before our meals and thanked God we were blessed with food to eat.

We need to be more grateful for all that we have and when we have an abundance them we should be generous and share the extra. I miss not having a garden and now there is only me and my health is not so good, i doubt there will ever be another vegetable garden, yet, i am still very grateful for all that i am blessed with and offer up prayers of a daily basis to that fact. And, so far i have never gone without a meal.