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pursuing health in an anxious ageI began a book challenge for a year to:

  • read more
  • turn of technology more
  • raise money for a charity or a local school, specifically for books
  • read more non-fiction
  • read the books gathering dust on my selves

I set the challenge on my own group page on Facebook and this is the 4th book i have finished and although it wasn’t my plan to share them on this blog, this one seems appropriate to share here –

Bob Cutillo is a medical doctor and also a Christian and he writes this about health and how we see our own health care and how we are seen by Doctors and other medical personal and how God sees us and our health problems. Summing up the book is very difficult because there is so much to get your head around, well there was for me, but that doesn’t make it a bad read, in fact it is a very interesting and thought provoking book.

One point he makes is that we have handed over the control of our health not only to doctors, but also to technology, which makes is more and more impersonal and often we are not seen as a person, but as a group of symptoms to be diagnosed and cured. However, God has given us the ability to act for ourselves, rather than to be acted upon and we should consider this ability before or along with any medical treatment we are offered.

It is a complex book – or maybe it is just my brain – and at some point a re-read would be a good idea. A couple of quotes; “To have a sense of awe, to see the extraordinary in the ordinary, means that it is precisely the ordinary operation of things which constitutes the miracle. But in order to understand what usually happens as a miracle, we would need to accept that what usually happens does not always happen. And for that we would need a different attitude, to be sure a more humble one, about how much we think we know.”

“The end result of this receptive attitude is joy.”


“Life alone is always more risky than life with others. Life alone is always more fearful, more closed to wonder and more restricted in joy. And life alone will always fail, because only in community can full healing and health happen…”

Share lots of stories and scriptures to illustrate his points of view, definitely worth a read.