a-word-of-wisdomMost people in Westernized countries tend to shop for their food in larger store, which in the UK are called supermarkets, and even when people chose to shop in smaller store for their food, they often still shop for certain items in the larger stores.

I live in a place that is almost a village and the only reason that the main shopping street remain open, is that at each end of the main thoroughfare there is a supermarket. I believe that without these two stores the whole main street of shops would gradually close until they were all gone, which would be a shame, but it still true.

Since the beginning of the year, my health as been very unstable and unpredictable.  The medication i have had to take as caused to me modify my diet, the type of foods that i eat and not necessarily the calorie count of those foods, quite drastically. It is important to know that the human body is extremely clever at preserving and sustaining life and will do so, if threatened, to the exclusion of lesser needs. For example, i have had trouble with my breathing since the New Year and as such my body as struggled to take release carbon dioxide as it should and therefore it struggled to be able to take in the oxygen that it required for basic functions, and as such it found little or no use to eat food. It does not mean, that i have given eaten and/or drinking, but it as been difficult, to the point where the Doctor’s were worrying that i was beginning to starve.

To look at me, you would say i was starving! Yet, when the body does not get enough food it will do what it needs to survive and begin to break down the body’s reserves. These reserves can releases called Ketones, when ketones appear in your urine, your body is starving. However, saying that, it is not that long ago that i was working at a nurse and so i realised that if i did not eat i would be in trouble, i therefore, carefully force-fed/encouraged myself to eat or drink little and often. This little and often technique saved me a trip to and a stay in hospital and if you are ever in the same situation then high calorie foods and drinks are an absolute must, doesn’t matter what they are.

The medication to help me breathe, then caused another problem. That was a bleed in my stomach lining. Medication for the stomach bleed is a complicated thing, as the one medication you need can cause long term problems, themselves, but you still need them. The bleed is now sorted, thanks to the medication, which allowed my stomach to heal.

Now three months into the year, i am in a different place medically speaking. After a few trials and errors on the medication front, i now have two inhalers that allow my body to breath, and being able to breath, i am able to sleep and of course – EAT!

HOWEVER – i have found that i cannot eat anything that is processed or very little portions of such foods. This includes; biscuits, chocolate, bread, meat, cake, fancy breakfast cereals, crisps and snacks… but it does not include fish and chips. I can however, eat rice cakes, yogurt, fruit, vegetables, fish, plain cereal, eggs or cheese, rice.. so now i am eating extremely healthy most of the time. The benefit of this is, i have lost 21 lbs in weight. This would worry me, if it wasn’t for the fact that i have had to change my diet so drastically.

Daily i now take, two different pain killers, two different stomach pills and two different inhalers – am i well???? No! Not really! But so much better – in fact today, i was able to physically go to and walk round and shop in a supermarket 🙂 I think i can say i am ‘Stable.’

  • What food would you give up to be well?