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a-word-of-wisdomOn the 27th February 1833, at Kirkland, Ohio the then prophet and President of the Church, Joseph Smith, received a revelation as a consequence of the brethren using tobacco in their meetings. This revelation became known as the Word of Wisdom and details warnings, institutions and promises, which are accepted by all worthy Church members.

“Given for a principle with a promise, adapted to the capacity of the weak and the weakest of all Saints, who are or can be called Saints.” (verse 3)

What follows is a brief outline of the revelation as it was given

  • it will protect us from the evil designs of conspiring men (and today, women could also be included)
  • we should abstain from strong drink and wine
  • pure grape wine that is homemade should be used for the sacrament (this as since been changed to water)
  • strong drinks are not for the belly
  • tobacco is not for the body
  • hot drinks are not good for the body or the belly
  • we should eat, herbs, fruit and vegetables in the season thereof, with prudence and thanksgiving
  • flesh of beasts and fowls are ordained for the use of man, to be used sparingly, in time of winter, cold and famine
  • wild beasts should also be eaten sparingly
  • grain is for the use of man, wheat for man, corn for ox, oats for horse, rye for fowl and swine
  • barley for mild drinks

Promises – we shall

  • receive health in our navel
  • morrow in our bones
  • wisdom
  • knowledge
  • hidden knowledge
  • run and not be weary
  • walk and not faint
  • destroying Angel shall pass us by and not destroy us.