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ava-and-ameliaDuring the last few days I feel like i have been in a bit of a swirl – not really sure why, but life seems to be trundling passed me faster than i can keep up with it. Right now my body as decided it wants to be asleep by 9pm and awake by 6am, plenty of sleep, but a 2-hour change in sleep pattern seems to have thrown me out of sync not only with the world, but also with myself. I am adapting, but as i said, right now i am in a swirl all of my own.


This month’s posts were all about the family. How the family is ordained by God from before the world was mortal, before the Fall of Adam and Eve. The Fall was part of God’s plan of Salvation for man. The Fall cut off man from God both physically and spiritually and it is only through repentance and the our Saviour, Jesus Christ, who suffered for the sins, pain and everything we might feel and then gave his life freely, so that he could bring about the resurrection of all mankind, that we may be judged with mercy and justice and receive our eternal reward. Heavenly Father wants you to know that he loves you.

Also this month, 

  • Family Home Evening – a program brought in by the church in 1970 and designated Monday evenings as family time.
  • Family Councils – Elder M Russell Ballard spoke of there being four types of councils –
    1. A general family council, which includes all members of the family.
    2. An executive family council, which includes father and mother.
    3. A limited family council, includes parents and one child.
    4. One-on-one family council, one parent and one child.
  • One-to-one dates with our children.
  • Daily family prayer and scripture reading will bring a blessing from God.
  • We should teach our children to be self-reliant through; work, time management, money management, responsibility for their actions and that we love them, no matter what and so do Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.
  • Heavenly Father as placed temples on the earth again where families can be sealed together through all eternity and the saving work can be done by proxy for those who died without hearing about Jesus Christ.
  • Indexing
  • Family History research – turning the hearts of the children to their parents, both living and dead.
  • It is our responsibility to care for our children and teach them about God and it is our children’s responsibility to honour their parents.

Ponderize = 80% pondering + 20% memorizing

  1. Mormon 9:21 ~whosoever shall believe in Christ, nothing doubting shall receive
  2. Proverbs 22:6 ~ train up a child
  3. Romans 8:16-17 ~heirs with God and joint heirs with Christ


Next Month : Word of Wisdom – the Lord’s code of health