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fsindexIf you have ever been on Ancestry.com or co.uk you may have wondered how all those records have ended up on the website. Well, let me tell you how…

1,000’s of people all round the world volunteers to transcribe data from the original text into a computer data base, which is then uploaded to the website for people to search.

Would you like to help?

Do you have an hour or two a week to spare? Or even every couple of weeks?

Then go to the Family Search Indexing website and download the Indexing program –


You can ‘test drive’ a batch.

If you would like to do more then click ‘Get Started’ and download the Indexing Program.

You will need to register and log-in, but at no time will anyone from the Family Search team contact you, accept in terms of Indexing, but you can contact them at any time if you need extra help with anything.

Once the program is installed then, you can set your ‘preferences’ to different levels, which start at ‘1-5’ or easy to difficult.

You can also select a language preference.

Then click on ‘download a batch’.

Read the Project instructions and the Basic Indexing instructions and work through each batch, referring back to the instructions if needed.

Be warned it can be addictive…but have fun.

Once you feel you can index level 1 batches, you might like to try harder ones.