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ava-and-ameliaThe other day i saw on social media the following video. Straight away i saw the innocence and the love that went into this daddy-daughter date and relationship. Yet, when i went to find this video again, i heard and read about how some people had seen this video as being ‘perverted’ and ‘wrong’ and it saddened me, to think that what was done is beauty is being twisted by evil minds.

Today, i share this video with you, in its innocence and its beauty and i asked that you see your children in the same way – innocent and beautiful and that every daughter and every son should be made to feel this way by their parents.

Tonight, if do not already do so, mark on your calendar a Date with each of your children. Your Date doesn’t have to be to somewhere or something expensive, it is about spending time with your child, which you have been blessed with. Your, children need to know where home is and where to come when the world is too big for them , no matter how old they get.

Likewise, today make a date with your Heavenly Father and tell him about your day and ask him what you need, so that he can help you, so that when the time comes and you are called home, you will know where that is and that your Heavenly Father will be there to meet you. You are loved, you are beautiful, know it, feel it and be it!