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budgetIt is the end of another month and at the end of every month is a good time to look back over the month and evaluate what as been written and what we have learned.

  • How to be a good and faithful servant when it comes to what we own, what we earn and how we do with what we earn.
  • The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, have set out a welfare plan, based on Temporal and Spiritual Self-Reliance and Work and Employment; based on 4 Principles-
    • Work
    •  Self-Reliance
    • Budgeting and Living within our means
    • Home Storage
  • Create a workable Budget and set a goal to keep to it for at least 3 months
  • Track budget and daily expenses by creating either on paper or by using a computer program, such as Excel spreadsheet
  • Paying an honest 10% tithe or gift on all income
  • Pay a generous fast offering
  • Commit to paying yourself, through savings to the amount totaling 3 months outgoings
  • We should work to our ability and teach our children to work
  • Replacing ‘wants’ with ‘needs’
  • Pay essential bills first
  • Take control of debt; get out of debt and stay out of debt
  • Store point cards and whether it is worth having them
  • Blessings are often ‘significant and subtle’
  • How to begin a food storage
    • store what you eat and eat what you store
    • build a 3 months store of staples and then add other items
    • store 14 days of drinking water
    • store other home storage items, such as; fuel, clothing, bedding, toiletries, medicines, etc.
  • Become spiritually self-sufficient
    • read the scriptures
    • pray often
    • ponder upon God’s word
    • the Spirit speaks to our minds and hearts, we need to know what it feels like and be aware of when God is speaking to us
    • bear testimony

And there is more…but that is enough…

It as been a busy month, as i have sat down to write i have been aware of the presence of Lord as he as directed my thoughts. There is much for us to learn, to know, and to experience and it is only through ‘doing’ that we gain wisdom. Yet, we need to be mindful in our ‘doings’ and not try and do more than we are able, but take things one step at a time, praying for guidance that we are promised in the scriptures will come.

February is Family Month