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scripturesThe Lord as counselled us to become self-reliant. To become self-reliant, temporally is to make sure that we have the ability to take care of ourselves and our families in a worldly sense. Providing sufficient education, and work to be able to pay for the things that we need and occasionally the things that we want, as well.

We have been instructed to be good stewards and to take care of that, which we have been blessed with on a daily basis. We are also, counselled to create a budget and live within our means, to pay an honest tithing and fast offering, to save for emergency, to have a food storage sufficient to sustain ourselves and our families for up a year and clean water for up to two weeks.

However, as all things are spiritual with God, it is also important that we are spiritual self-reliant too.

How to build spiritual self-reliance

  1. Speak to God, often, daily.
  2. Read, study and ponder daily his words, in the scriptures
  3. Be open to the Holy Ghost, which will speak to whisper to our minds and speak to our hearts.
  4. Demand answers to questions that will help you live your life on a daily basis.
  5. Expect answers to come in ‘significant but subtle ways’ –
    1. through a stranger you meet on a park bench
    2. the words of song
    3. through the scriptures
    4. through the Spirit
    5. at a church meeting
    6. through the words of others
  6. Be consistent in building your spiritual self-reliance as much, if not more than your temporal self-reliance

Know that God is listening, even when you think he is not – He is! He is waiting for the right moment to answer your prayers and to give you further instruction on how to live your life. Do not, be put off your spiritual journey because it feels too difficult, to hard, you feel too lost or confused, take the time to step out of the world and listen for as long as it takes for the answers or help or guidance or knowledge to come.

Remember that; knowledge+experience = wisdom & being humble = being teachable.