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What to store?

Today i asked my daughters to ‘write down a list of the foods you eat for one meal. I suggested breakfast, as most people tend to eat the same or similar foods every day. Then i asked them to work out how much of each food item they would need to feed their families for; a week, a month and 3 months. I also asked them to estimate how much it would cost and also how they would store the food.

After much discussion… they are still working on it 🙂

However, posts wait for no man, no woman and no list either, so expect them to arrive sometime soon.

Such comments were – can we have chocolate? and what we normally eat for lunch doesn’t have a long shelf life…is tuna protein?

The answers are – yes, you can store chocolate – and then you will have to change what you eat now to something long lasting – and, yes, tuna is protein…

Then, they tried to put me off my questioning, by sending photos of these beautiful girls –

Beautiful they maybe, but girls they won’t help you build a food storage or even write the list…so get on with it – please!

Personally, I decided that something very simple would be a good place to begin, more tomorrow when my helpers have got their heads around the question.

What would you need to store to feed your family for; a week, a month, 3 months? How much would it cost per day or per meal? How would you store it?