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January is all about money

  • The 1st day of every month is Budget day –
    • a budget should show both Income and Out goings
    • an estimated amount and an exact amount
    • a budget should be updated regularly
  • God as commissioned us to be good and faithful stewards with all that we have, we should learn how to do this daily.
  •  Create a Budget and make a goal to stick to it for 3 months
  • Track daily expenses
  • Track Savings
  • Open an online current and savings accounts
    • if you are living continually in your overdraft, then switch banks
    • make an arrangement to pay the overdraft back
    • don’t use an overdraft facility in the future.
  • Commit to paying 10% tithe on all income
  • Commit to fasting at least once a month and paying and generous fast offering
  • Save £100 in ready cash
  • Save the equivalent of two months outgoings
  • Save for things that you need
  • Work; gain skills that will allow you to get employment
    • if necessary and if it is possible one parent should stay home with the children
    • if you are staying home, make housework your employment

Other things –

  • Read The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ
  • Set a goal to Ponderize one verse of scripture a week
    • use a different colour and mark them in your scriptures
  • Pray often, on your own and with your family
  • Read the scriptures with your children and allow them to read them to you
  • Be a disciple of Jesus Christ
  • What’s your WORD for the year?  – mine is SURRENDER!
  • Do everything in the Lord’s way.

NOT started yet? It’s never too late to begin and catch up.