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  • Suitable work
  • Training & Skills
  • Forever Learning

“Thou shalt not idle away thy time, neither shalt thou bury they talent.” (Doctrine & Covenants 60:13)

The Lord as commanded us not to be idle. Church leaders have counselled us not to waste our time in idle pursuits, but when work needs doing, we should do work. Work is honourable. To be able to provide for our own needs and the needs of our families is also honourable.

It is important that we teach our children from an early age about work. Even young children can perform small tasks of work around the home. It is important that we teach them to work hard and to do their best in all areas of their life, including school. We can encourage children by having them help us keep the home tidy and clean and to take responsibility for their own belongings. Children should be encouraged to look forward in their preparations and learning at school, so that when they are adults they will have the skills needed to be able to gain employment and provide financially for their families.

Adults should update their skills on a regular basis that they may be able to take advantage of work opportunities as they present themselves. It is important to know what jobs are available and what qualifications will be needed to be able to get employment.

Many years ago i knew a man and his wife. The man, when nearing retirement age found, through no fault of his own, unemployed – the office job he had had for many years was redundant. However, instead of being idle, he got a job cleaning the streets near his home and you can bet that those streets were the cleanest streets in the area. Sometimes we have little or no choice in what job is available to us, sometimes we have to do what we can. It is up to us to work hard and to give of our best, no matter what they job is.

This is where i probably should write, mother’s should stay at home with their children until they have left home…but, this is not always available to them. There are times, when the Mother may be able to earn more, than the father  and therefore it he is better placed to stay home and look after the house and the children. There are times, when both parents must work to be able to fulfill the needs of the family. However, if both parents work full-time outside of the home to provide luxuries; the latest high-tech gadgets, fancy holidays, etc, then the family as a unit is being put at unnecessary risk of disintegration. Although, it is a requisite of the Lord that we are not idle, it is also necessary that we use wisdom and order and pray over our decisions and allow Him to direct us, even when it comes to work.

“Be thou humble, and the Lord they God shall lead thee, and give thee answers to thy prayer.” (D &C 112:10)

We may not be able to control all that happens in our lives, but it is important to take responsibility for those things we can control.

I have heard many times women say, ‘i am just at home…’ you maybe ‘just’ at home, but the work that you do every day is some of the most important work that needs doing. You, should give yourself a job title and plan each day to work as if you had an employer, in fact, the only employer you have is your family, who are the most important people in your life.

To Do List

  • Work
    • equip yourself with the training and education necessary to provide for yourself and your family or
    • work within your home – it is your ‘job’ after all
  • Create a rota for work that needs to be done in the home
  • Continue to learn, even if all you do is read.