I began the month by reading, in part, ‘The Universe Has Your Back’ by Gabrielle Bernstein. I felt like had been given this book and although I changed some of the words in the book, i.e love, universe to God and faith, the second read through did not disappoint. The overall message of this book is that ‘The Universe Has Your Back’ or in my case ‘God has my back.’

I then went to begin reading (still reading) a second book by the same author, ‘May Cause Miracles: A 6 Week Kick-Start to Unlimited Happiness.’ This book was published before the above book and maybe the first book I read spoiled me and I expected something different.



  • Easy to read.
  • Small chapters.
  • Good introduction
  • Morning and Evening mindfulness practices for each of the 42 days.
  • Catchy upbeat mantras and affirmations.


  • I expected morning and evening meditations, but that wasn’t always the case.
  • If you wanted to use the author’s guided meditations, you had to pay for them separately.
  • It felt like a advertisement for another course, which you also had to pay for (by someone else – sorry not telling you who or what as i don’t think it is a good thing), to the point that now I am halfway through I am beginning to wonder if the author gets an percentage for anyone who signs-up for the other course? This is not a good thing either.
  • I have had to meditate on my own or to other guided meditations, which for me was okay, but if you haven’t meditated before, but someone new to practice would have been left having to pay more.
  • It is a little repetitive in places and confusing as well.
  • I had to change some of the wording (again) to make it more relevant to me.

Personally if you want to buy and use one of these books I would stick with ‘The Universe Has Your Back’ as this appears to be the polished-finished version of the ‘May Cause Miracles’ and you get access to a few free guided meditations if you sign-up to the author’s web page.

I am also reading:


badge-home-completed-1736dedbcd3c31946d5b98bb506c1051Note: As usual I am signing up for the Goodreads Yearly Reading Challenge ( However, in the last few years the number of books on my challenge as risen each year, last year it was 60, but this year I am setting the target at 24 books. I want to spend more time reading and learning this coming year, instead of seeing how quickly i can read a book and get on with the next one so that I can complete the challenge I have set myself. However, if i reach my challenge before the end of the year I can up-the-number – a challenge is a challenge if it stretches up, but it also needs to be sensible too. I also deleted my huge, never-going-to-get-read of books to-read and began a again with a very short list, I can add to as I go along.

What did I talk about this month?

Firstly, I began a new blog! The reason for doing so, is that i felt that God was/is asking me to share the gospel unto all the world and my reply to Him was/is, ‘if you want me to do that, what would you like me to say?’

Of course, God didn’t let me down. The church shared the ‘Light the World’ program, (which you can still access here – light), and I decided to share this program on my blog, adding my own thoughts and experiences when and where I felt prompted to do so.

That took my month up to the 25th December.

26th December: But Whom Say Ye That I Am?: I shared my testimony of Jesus Christ.

27th December: Another Testament of Jesus Christ: I dared you to read The Book of Mormon: Another Testimony of Jesus Christ.

28th December: Pray Always: was a brief outline on prayer (more to come), asking you to commit to daily prayer.

29th December: Ponderize – I asked you to choose 1 verse of scripture a week and write it down somewhere, read, ponder on it, pray about it, share it with other, study it and then keep a record of what you have learnt – Ponderize= 80% pondering and 20% memorizing.

30th December: What Your Word For 2017? – mine is Surrender, as in surrendering to the will of God and the Universe.

…and the year of sharing the word of God unto all the world is only just beginning.

To Do List

  1. Pray that you may know what God wants you to do. This is my journey and invite you all to come along, but your journey may be different and that is okay.