surrender-is-worshipTools For The Journey

  • One word!!!
  • Prayer
  • Meditation
  • God

For the last two years I have allowed God and the Universe to bring to me a ‘WORD.’ This one word as guided me along my life’s path. The first year the word was ‘CHOICE.’ Some of the choices I had to make were hard, God didn’t say everything would be easy, but in the end those choices were worth it and have brought me to this point and place in my life.

This last year, my word has been ‘CHANGE.’ Although I can see God’s hands in my life and His guidance in my mind and in my heart, making the changes i had to make as been hard and is still an on-going thing.

Some of the changes in my life have been of my own doing and some changes were brought about by the actions of others. Likewise, some have been good, but some have not. But my journey goes on…

This year my word is ‘SURRENDER.’

For those that do not know me, my recent past has left me disabled with chronic pain and fatigue, to give names to a couple of things and adapting to the new me has been very hard, both physically, mentally and spiritually. There have been times when i have felt my ability to continue to function as a human being beyond me and yet, here i still am.

This year I am Surrendering my will to that of God’s. But, right now, I am rather mad at Him and feel that he has let me down badly. I am hoping that as the year progresses I will see His hand in all things, in all areas of my life. Right now, He is asking me to –

  • teach his word unto all the world
  • to accept that i did not cause, no am i to blame for my disability, it is just is, what it is
  • He is asking me let go of my preconceived ideas of what my life should be
  • He is asking me to Listen and to Do what He asks of me

Why choose a Word?

Firstly, it is not so much that you choose a word, but that God gives you a word. Be open to what He has to say to you. Then see where that word appears in your life’s journey over the next year. It is not always easy to let go and see what happens, but I promise you that God will answer your request. When I am doubting my ability, my word is already coming into my head – ‘surrender, remember God has your back.’

‘Look unto me in every thought, doubt not, fear not.’

(Doctrine & Covenants 6:36)

To Do List

  • Ask God to help you select a Word for the year
  • Meditate/Ponder/Think – give God space in your life to speak to you
  • Write the Word in your Journal
  • You may like to use your Word in a mantra

Note: Come back here and share your Words and it’s effect on your life.