Tools For the Journey

  • Good music
  • Christmas carols
  • Singing

Day 15: Jesus Worshipped Through Song and so Can You

Anyone who knows me well, will know that i love good music, especially classical, but don’t ask me who the composer is or what the piece is called as i wouldn’t have a clue – most of the time. But, that doesn’t mean i cannot appreciate good music when i listen to it, I can and so can you.

I can’t say I have the most pitch-perfect voice, but i have been known to sing in a choir or two and i always sing in church – in-tune or out-of-tune i sing anyway and so can you.

To Do List

  1. Listen to Christmas Carols for a whole day
  2. Chose your favourite Christmas carol and share it on social media
  3. Sing – in-tune or out-of-tune sing anyway

This is one of my favourite carols –