book-pileFor every Ending it is said that there is a Beginning. Yet, our journey through life continues day to day. Along the life journey we make decisions based on what we know at the time, because that is all we can do. Sometimes it feels as if we have made an incorrect choice, and the change we made did not work out as we expected it to, but time continues forward no matter what we choose to do.

I have learnt recently that God, Angles and the Universe really do have my back in all things and all i need to do is surrender my will to theirs and then surrender some more. Life is hard. For some, it seems to be harder than for others, but now it is time to let go and fly.

This beginning starts with a ‘Book Pile’ of delights for December.

universeThe Universe Has Your Back: Transform Fear to Faith ~ Gabrielle Bernstein

If you want to change your life from inside out, begin with this book. After reading it through once, I am already reading it again with added pencil marks and post-it notes. When a book changes your effects your heart, it changes your life – if you let it, it will! It is all about changing your thinking and by doing so, being able to set limits and goals for the future.






little-womenLittle Women ~ Louisa May Alcott

Every December i read a Classic and this book is definitely one of those. If you purchase this as a kindle edition, make sure that it has approximately 500 pages as i found that there are many kindle editions with half these pages and therefore half the story.

It is a curl up under a blanket book, so enjoy it!



before-christmasTwas Night Before Christmas ~Clement C Moore

Memorize this book and say it out loud to your children or grandchildren with gusto and i assure they will love it. Mine did…and still do!





Note: I am not sure how many books you can read in a month, but for me 2-3 is my limit…